Saturday, October 20, 2007

Whyville is a GREAT website that me and my friends always go on. My Username on Whyville is Jessie147 If you were wondering. Whyville is a virtual world that has any different things you can do on it. I will be talking to you about whyville and different activities.

The first thing im going to talk to you about is games. Whyville has TONS of games you can play, and sometimes it will help you either get better at Math or maybe sience, or sometimes its just something JUST for fun. Whatever the type of game they are all ment and ARE fun!

The next thing i will talk to you about is Holidays on whyville. For almost every holdiay on whyville , Whyville will have something planned. Like for this year , the day before Halloween there will be a Halloween Party with activities.
Easter is another Holiday Whyville Celebrates. Whyville has a Easter hunt each Easter where You have to go aroud whyville collecting eggs, you will get a prize also if you get a Certain colour of egg that they ask for that year..
There is alot more contests for different holidays But I think you get the point.

The ext thing i will be talking to you about is CELEBRETIES ON WHYVILLE! Whyville has started to get different Celebreties on whyville now, and they are really there! Normally they would have a concert or something then leave room for questions.. Do you want to Find out when they have them on whyville? Well your going to have to sign up first.

Another HUGGEE Thing on whyville and this is pretty much hard to avoid inless you dont have your parents permission is to CHAT..There are TONNNNSSSS and TONNNNSSS Of chatrooms on whyville and i mean ALLLLOOTT! All chatrooms are different. You are probably likely to find a room you like. In the chatrooms you cna chat with fellow whyvillians and ... I dont know, Just discuss things or maybe you have a club? And If you wnat to go in a chatroom well what are you going to have saying your things you write? I know that awnser. Whyville lets other citizans Make Face parts, and then other people buy them and put them on their face. There are some very artistic people on whyville too because all the face parts they make look so REAL! You cant make anything under your chest though or else Whyville wont accept your design.

I hope you decide to join because this is a excellet website that i always like to go on.. I hope to see you on whyville!... Oh and I forgot to add ,, Just click sign up on the website if you want to make a account :)

Thanks for your time,